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💄 Interface Updates & Customization

AUTHOR: Speakbox

For a tool to be efficient, it needs to be simple. In this release, we focused on simplifying the interface on both products and improve customization for portals and programs, so you can find the information you are looking for easily and quickly.

For clinicians

Interface Updates

In an effort to simplify your experience, we have slightly updated the interface for client directory profiles & workspaces.

Portal Customizations

You can now add a logo and a description to your portal page

Better Programs

You can add more detailed content to your programs. This content will be visible on the program detail page on Speakbox Life.

Private Files Support

In some cases, it is helpful to upload files in advance or internal documents. Speakbox Care now supports the upload of private files, that will not be share with your clients until you are ready.

For patients

Simplified Interface

We have updated the general interface for care teams and simplified the main navigation, for a smoother experience.

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