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📋 Pre-Post Session Surveys, Payments, Consents

AUTHOR: Speakbox

This release focuses on adding Pre & Post session surveys to Speakbox, adding client-facing payment capabilities and bringing back the consents to the Client Directory.

Pre/Post Session Surveys

Before each appointment, your clients will be prompted to fill a pre-session survey, this will give you more insights before going into session.

After each appointment, your clients will also be prompted to fill a post-session survey, providing you feedback on how to best prepare for the next session.

Client-facing Payments

Your clients can now pay their invoice using a credit card via Speakbox Life by navigating to their invoice. The payment is processed via Stripe and your invoice will automatically be marked as paid.


With the removal of Workspaces, the Consents are now available via the Client Directory. Simply navigate to a client profile and click the "Consents" tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when trying to update availability in the Schedule

  • Fixed broken appointment links in notifications

💅🏻 Improvements

  • When rescheduling an appointment, the duration will now be preserved if you change the start date. If you'd like to change the duration of your appointment, set the new start date first (if applicable) then extend the end date to reflect the new duration.

  • Our telehealth feature will now be opened in another tab. You can still use the "Picture-in-picture" option if you'd like to continue navigating on Speakbox at the same time, the call will remain active as long as the tab is open.

  • New features available in telehealth: live chat, blurred/custom backgrounds, and more!

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