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You asked, we delivered! Validated questionnaires and custom forms are now available on Speakbox.

👍🏻 Validated Questionnaires

Send validated questionnaires to your patient (or fill them on their behalf) from our library of curated questionnaires.

Today, we added support for the following:

  • ACE (Identified)

  • GAD-7

  • PCL-5

  • PHQ-9 & PHQ-8

And we have more in the works. Any validated questionnaire you would like to see on Speakbox? Let us know!

Custom Forms

In addition to validated questionnaires, Speakbox also supports the creation of custom forms. These can be used to capture extra information that Speakbox would not capture by default. Use our custom form builder to create your templates and send these forms to your patients (or fill them on their behalf).


We have made some improvements to the Schedule, appointments now focus on people as opposed to the service associated with it. We also zoomed in a little, to see more at a glance!

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes included in this release as well, including (but not limited to):

  • Renamed "focus areas" in practice settings to "specialties", to match what your patients are seeing on Speakbox Life

  • Fixed an issue when creating a patient, where the name would not be displayed properly

  • When creating availability in the schedule, your profile will now be selected by default, saving you time

  • Resolved an issue regarding 1-way calendar sync, where events would not synchronize

  • And more!

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