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🐞 Bug Fixes / Quality of Life Updates

AUTHOR: Speakbox

This week, we are deploying a few fixes for numerous issues reported:

🖨 Print Session Notes

One highly requested feature is finally here! You can know print the session notes of a workspace, for a selected period, directly from Speakbox Care.

👀 Disappearing Files

When uploading a file to a workspace, the file seemed to disappear into the ether! Fear not, the files are being uploaded properly, however, we did set the permissions a little too strongly on this one, so you administrators were not allowed to see it unless explicitely added to the workspace. We loosened the permissions a bit 😄

📚 Programs & Services

On the provider portals ({your-id}) and the care teams pages on Speakbox Life, Programs are now showing above Services (they won't show if you don't have any open programs).

We also fixed an issue where long descriptions for programs and/or services would not show completely or would overflow.

📄 Editor / Templates

When using our rich text editor, you may have noticed that it was impossible to add a link, clicking the save button would not work. This should now be fixed.

Another issue was fixed: when editing a practice template, the editor would not load the content, now it does.

Hope you will enjoy this release. If you have feedback for us, feel free to reach out via Intercom (the little bubble in the bottom right corner 💬).

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